Message from the District Governor

Message from Governor Paul Cook

Just got back from Illinois, locked the front door O Boy. Excuse me, it’s not that song. Just got back from Indiana and passed out in the chair is what I meant to say. The trip up 65 to Indy was interesting so we actually came home by heading to Cincinnati and hitting 75. A little longer route but we did not have any travel delays. I want to thank everyone from the District who went to Indy. I know I was on the go most of the time and it is always great to meet with fellow Kiwanis members from throughout the world. Our class of Governors met for a dinner and it was the first chance I had to see them in a while. I hope all those attending enjoyed their trip. 


Those attending should know the outcome of the votes during the House of Delegates. The proposed amendments 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 were adopted while proposed amendments 6, 8 and 9 were defeated. Information is available on the International website on all the amendments. Dues will be increased on October 1, 2015, so be prepared for your billing.

Sue Petrisin will become the first female International President on October 1, 2015. On October 1, 2016, the second female International President, Jane Erickson, will take office. James M. Rochford was elected as Vice President effective October 1, 2015.

Newly elected Trustees will be John E. DeVilbiss, Lance M. Incitti and Terry A. White. I sat behind Lance Incitti at the ballgame. The evening was fun because Lance spent much of the time explaining the game to a couple from Italy.  One of the candidates mentioned the phrase, “It’s Time” several times in his allotted time to address the delegates. I have heard that phrase somewhere before.

The business session is always interesting as speakers take the microphones to speak on behalf of or in opposition of an amendment. Then there are the amendments to the amendment which sometimes gets difficult to follow. However the business was conducted.

Sister Cities and JCI have joined Kiwanis as partners. Being an old Jaycee, I look forward to the partnership with that organization as well as the Sister Cities program. It was also mentioned that IHOP is also a partner.


Of course, much was said about Eliminate. I have heard several thousand dollars was raised by those who contributed to the Pancake on the Circle event. That is great news. There was a segment during the convention entitled "What If" in which scenarios such as What If Kiwanis put an end to World Hunger or established World Peace. We are making a difference throughout the world and need to complete our obligation to the children of the world by raising the remainder of funds for Eliminate. We have work to do in the District and need to get it done.


It would be great to have every club in the District represented at the District Convention in Owensboro. The facilities for the Convention and the hotels are great, the food is going to be worth the trip, the educational sessions Awesome and the fellowship will be second to none. A great golf outing is being planned in support of the District Foundation. Owensboro is going to be the place to be on August 14 through the 16th, so complete your registration, get your hotel reservations and let’s all meet for a great time of learning and celebrating Kiwanis.







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