Message from the District Governor

Message from Governor Paul Cook 



I truly enjoyed my official visits made during the month of November. We visited Divisions 1, 16, 8 and 7 during the month and everything was great. We also returned to Division 1 for the Charter Night for the newly formed McMinnville TN Club.

This article is dedicated to the Kentucky/Tennessee District Foundation. I hope all members of the Kentucky-Tennessee District realize that when an individual joins the District they become members of Kiwanis International, Kiwanis International Foundation, Kentucky-Tennessee District of Kiwanis International and the Kentucky-Tennessee District Foundation. Being a member of Kiwanis International and the Kentucky-Tennessee District gives each member the opportunity to improve their community and the surrounding area. Being a member of Kiwanis International gives each member the opportunity to improve the world and being a member of the Kentucky-Tennessee District Foundation gives each member the opportunity to improve our small part of the world.


Things have changed a great deal since I was born in 1950. Since that time, those in need have far exceeded those able to handle both normal life and the road blocks thrown at us all by life and the world around us. Even as late as 1987, when I joined Kiwanis, I was not concerned about anything but the community in which I lived. I joined Kiwanis to help our Club make a difference in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia and the surrounding area. Now, I realize that it is important for us to not only work on improving our local area, but to help others throughout the District and throughout the world. After all, a Child is a Child, is a Child. It makes no difference where they are born. Most of us in the District were born in the US and have a difficult time understanding what children in other parts of the world deal with on a daily basis.


In today’s world, it would seem that leaders in small countries could take care of their children. Too often they are more concerned with improving their own lifestyle and accumulating wealth. This pushes the responsibility to others to handle the problems of these children to those of us who genuinely care.




The Kentucky-Tennessee District Kiwanis Foundation, Inc. “Foundation” was founded in March of 1982 as a not-for-profit 501 © 3, non-political corporation. Therefore, contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible. There are many way to contribute to the Foundation.


If you look on page 31 of the District Directory for 2014 – 2015 in the paragraph under Member Participation, you will find that the Foundation makes an appeal to all KY-TN District Kiwanis Clubs to consider a club gift to the Foundation. You will also learn that the District would receive up to five matching scholarships if all Clubs in the District gave a gift.


All members also have the opportunity of become members of the Ted Osborn Fellowship and/or the Bo Shafer Fellowship. Information on these two fellowships can be found in the District Directory on pages 31 and 32. This is a great way to honor the two International Presidents from our District. Both of these individuals are to be commended for the time, effort and financial support of both our District and Kiwanis International. The time and effort it takes to reach the office of International President of Kiwanis International is very difficult for most of us to comprehend.


If you have attended a District Convention, you have seen other ways to contribute to the Foundation. Kiwanis merchandise is sold at mid-year and District Conventions. Arts, crafts and auction items are also available for purchase. Also, tickets for a multiple prize drawing, held during the District Convention Foundation Luncheon, are sold throughout the District by Board members and Lt. Governors starting at the Mid-Year Conference.


My favorite way to support the Foundation is the annual golf tournament held each year at the District Convention. Not only do I get to enjoy a round of golf with other members of our Fort Oglethorpe Club, the proceeds are given to the Foundation. If you do not play golf, hole sponsors are available at a reasonable price which also benefits the Foundation. Sorry to say but I have already informed our team that I will not be able to play for the next two years due to other commitments at the Convention, but I still plan on having a sign on the course with my name on it to support the Foundation. In fact, in 2016, Past Governor Wayne Sullivan can use the sign someone had made a few years ago which says Paul Cook, Past Governor.


Of course, you can simply make a contribution to the Foundation. There is a form on the District website called “K-T Kiwanis District Foundation Supporter Application” which you should complete when making a contribution to ensure the contribution is handled properly.


However you and/or your Club choose to help all contributions will be accepted. I would love to see all clubs participate in funding the Foundation. Wouldn’t it be great to see our Foundation grow to the point we could make a significant difference in our District. We currently award scholarships and have attempted to award matching funds for club projects dealing with hearing impaired. I would love to have something, somewhere in the District with our District name on it, making a difference in children’s lives. Whether it is a hearing impaired center, a playground, a hospital or some other structure, our time, efforts and financial support would not be in vain.


Hope all Clubs in the District are going to send a representative to the Mid Year Conference to join all Lt. Governors, all Committee members and invited guests for a time of education, fellowship and fun as we begin our 100th year.


See you all in Alcoa.


Thanks to all of you for what you do!






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