Message from the District Governor

Message from Governor Paul Cook 



Kiwanis International has prepared a great Convention to be held in Indianapolis (Indy) on June 25 through June 28.  There will be time for Kiwanis education with sessions on many topics regarding our great organization.  There will be time for fellowship and sharing of information with the greatest people on earth.  There will be time for family fun, and, of course, plenty of food.  So put the date on your calendar, register for the Convention and prepare to have a great time in the home town of Kiwanis International.
During the last International Convention held in Indy, I toured Kiwanis Headquarters and was impressed with the Board room.  It is very impressive as is other areas of the building and grounds.  I would encourage you to take advantage of your trip to Indy and tour our Headquarters. 

Our goal for the Kentucky-Tennessee, and a little bit of Georgia and Virginia, is to send 234 registrants to the Convention.  If you have never been to an International Convention, this is the one to attend.  It is close, especially to those in Northern Kentucky.  Indy is a great city.  In addition to the educational sessions, International has planned many fun and exciting activities.  You can even play a hew holes of golf on the infield of the International Race Track if you so desire.

                     IT’S TIME TO LET OTHERS KNOW WHO WE ARE 

As I hope everyone knows by now our Kentucky-Tennessee District has been designated as Distinguished for the year 2013-2014 under Governor Roger Blair with a lot of help from Carolyn. This is a great accomplishment and we now have a shirt to commemorate the occasion. Only five Districts in the US were distinguished and we need to let the others know about it. Those receiving the designation are listed in the current edition of the KT Notes. Please order your shirt on the District website and you can pick it up in Indy. We want everyone at the Convention to know that our District is alive and well by wearing our new shirts to the business session. If you do not come to Indy, you can still purchase the shirt. Net proceeds from the sales of the shirts will go to the District Foundation. So, you have the opportunity to show your support for the District and to help the District Foundation as well. What a Deal! 

                                                  IT'S TIME TO VOTE 

The amendments and resolutions to be voted on at the Convention are available on the International website.  Each Club can send two delegates to the Convention to vote on these issues.  There is a vote on a dues increase as well as other items.  Please review all the amendments and resolutions and send your delegates to be heard.  If no one from you Club can possible attend, a former Lt. Governor from your Division can represent your Club.  It would be great to have every Club in the District represented at the Convention.

                                          IT'S TIME FOR FELLOWSHIP

We are the only District staying in the Hampton at the Convention.  We will be hosting a mixer at the hotel prior to the opening session.  This will be a great time to get to know others in the District and to meet up with friends from days gone by.  One thing in life we need to limit is regrets.  Do not miss out on this opportunity to attend this Great Convention only to regret it later.




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