Club Bulletin Contest    2016-2017

Bulletins must be mailed quarterly  Oct 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017

There is no entry form.  To be considered in the judging, a club needs to send their bulletins preferably monthly or at least quartrerly by mail or by email (pdf file only) to the District Chairman and to both of the judges listed below.  Bulletins turned in to the District offce only or turned in after the cutoff date will not be judged.

Bulletins submitted after June 30 will not be judged.

District Chair
Mark Brackney

Address and email listed in KT District Directory

Kentucky Judge
Whitney Bundren

Address and email listed in KT District Directory

Tennessee Judge
Leigh Chagnon

Address and email listed in KT District Directory


The purpose of the contest is "To stimulate interest in upgrading club bulletins; to build morale among bulletin editors; and as a result improve this source of Kiwanis communication."

Judging will be done according to the size of the club on October 10, 2017 (61or more, 60-41, 40-21 and 20 or less). The winner in each category will receive an award. 
The criteria for judging are as follows:

Is the bulletin regularly issued?
How is the space used?
Is it attractive?
Is it readable?
Is it interesting?
Does it contain items of Local, Division, District & International interest?
Does it hold readers interest?
Does it promote pride in Kiwanis?
Does it have a good format?
Does it recognize club achievement?
Is it so designed that it can carry out its three most important functions:
     1. Maintain member morale and enthusiasm
     2. Encourage meeting attendance
     3. Inform the membership fully on club activities and projects.
Although the following are not involved in the Bulletin Contest, it is very important that the following people be on your Club Bulletin Mailing List for each issue of your bulletin.

District Governor, District Governor-elect, District Vice-Governor
KY-TN District Office - for historical archives (digital copy)
Division Lt. Governor, Public Relations Committee
Local News Media