Brochure must be mailed by June 30, 2017 to be eligible

Each Kiwanis Club in the Kentucky-Tennessee District is encouraged to produce a club brochure. A high-quality club brochure is an invaluable member recruitment and public relations tool and every club should have one.

The K-T District will sponsor a club brochure contest for the 2016-2017 Kiwanis year. First, Second and Third Place Winners will get awards.

It is suggested that this brochure:

*Tell the story of your club.
*Briefly explain Kiwanis International and serving the children of the world.
*Explain your club, giving its name, the time and place of the meetings, and a brief history.
*Stress that your club is international in scope and meets the needs of children in your community as its first priority.
*List your projects and describe how your community benefits from Kiwanis.
*Describe how Kiwanis benefits members and list expectations of members.
*Provide the name of a contact person with phone number and mailing address.

 For contest purposes, mail a copy of your club brochure by June 30, 2017 (no later to be eligible) to:

Leigh Chagnon  

Whitney (Wardrip) Bundren  

Mark Brackney  

Address for above found in KT District Directory or email 

                                        Late entries will not be judged